Reading and Spelling Remediation – Tackling Dyslexic Challenges

Is your child facing a struggle with reading, writing or spelling due to a learning disability or dyslexia? Are you in need of support, resources, or guidance in relation to your child’s reading and spelling difficulties? 

If you’re worried about the future and potential success in academics or later on in the workforce – due to a possible learning disability – there’s help. Dyslexic Solutions Ottawa provides intensive, one-on-one tutoring for students of all ages who face learning challenges related to reading and spelling. 

Individuals will become competent, self-assured readers and spellers, using the proven and scientifically research-based program called the Barton Reading and Spelling System® – based upon Orton-Gillingham methods of instruction.

Students benefit from this multi-sensory teaching approach, with tutoring delivered by a professional, experienced instructor. You can trust in a high level of methodology and teaching standards, tailored to each student’s individual and unique learning needs. 

This program is recommended by the International Dyslexia Association, and supported as best-practice by more than a dozen independent research studies, conducted by academic and other institutions (to read more about this research, visit here).

Solutions – Closer Than You Think

There is a notable prevalence of reading problems and learning disabilities in today’s schools, yet research clearly shows that 95% of reading problems are preventable. Appropriate, one on one treatment is crucial to their resolution. With this research-based intervention, it is possible for struggling readers to accomplish grade-level abilities.  

Why? Because scientists now understand the general nature of dyslexia – what separates strong readers from struggling readers – and in doing so, have developed highly effective strategies to help individuals with the disorder.

This tutoring approach has resulted in significant improvements for numerous students under my instruction, which you can read more about by visiting my testimonials page.

Here are some solutions offered by Dyslexic Solutions Ottawa:Tutoring - Barton Reading and Spelling System

✓Referral to a specialist – for screening and assessment
✓Highly personalized, one on one tutoring/instruction – students progress at their own pace and teaching is tailored to each student’s unique needs
✓Orton-Gillingham influenced programming – Barton Reading and Spelling System®
✓Ongoing assessment of student progress
✓Written feedback provided for parents at each session
✓Ongoing guidance related to appropriate accommodations for home and school
✓Interactive and engaging tutoring sessions – using the latest technology and tools

 To learn more about how my tutoring services can help, here are some details about the program and approach I use. 

The Barton Reading and Spelling program is recognized by:

International Dyslexia Association