About Dyslexic Solutions Ottawa

Jenna Richardson

Jenna Richardson, B.Ed., 
Owner/Certified Barton Tutor

Learning to Teach Others

Armed with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a completed Bachelor of Education, I set out on my career in the field of education.

I began as a supply teacher in the Eastern Catholic School Board, as well as in numerous private schools. I taught at the preschool level and tutored privately with children from kindergarten through to high school.

Throughout those years, however, I began to notice a pattern as I worked with children, while using mainstream teaching methods. Those students who struggled in math and language – due to learning disabilities – weren’t adapting or succeeding.

It was heartbreaking to see these children continuing to falter as I aimed to help them. They were not progressing nor receiving the academic support needed through school. Teachers were just not equipped to handle the situations presented by the learning needs of Dyslexic children, and parents were desperate to get help that just wasn’t available.

It soon became clear that conventional approaches to reading instruction were insufficient, restrictive, and not for everyone. Too many children were falling through the cracks, being left behind.

That’s When My Focus Shifted

 I soon recognized that a change was needed; one that would address all learning styles. I departed from the mainstream education system to devote my attention and career to more proven teaching methods, specifically for children with Dyslexic learning problems.

 Upon learning about the Orton-Gillingham approach and completing an intensive training program, I began implementing the Barton Reading and Spelling System with my own tutoring students.

Amazement and Results

I was amazed to learn that the situations I witnessed could in fact be remedied through the right teaching methods and specialized programs. I continue to be astonished at the improvements this program makes to my students’ reading abilities … all by using the Orton-Gillingham approach.

The results? Students soar with a new self-confidence and pride. And they succeed!

Every child deserves to receive the highest quality educational instruction and the chance to succeed in their challenges. Dyslexic Solutions Ottawa can show you the path that leads to success.

If your child is struggling with reading and spelling, please contact me to see how the Barton Reading and Spelling system can help.